Welcome to my LAVA LAMP Website!

This is my lava lamp fan page. I also have a site where I talk about scooters. It's called Fast Scooter Reviews.

I made my first website a few years ago. It was about my cat actually. That's funny because the neocities mascot is a cat. It looks like my cat. Anyways, I'm in school and I hate it. But whatever. My friends rock! I also like to play video games as well as listen to music. WHen ever it is warm outside I like to ride my electric scooters and I love to write about the things I love too. Some day I will start a site about video games porbably. And music too. I also want to make a site about lava lamps which is this website that you are on. I am still learning how to make websites so please bear with my as I try my best. When I grow up I want to be a web designer mayber. This will be the start of everything. Gotta go, now. Byeeeee!!!

Here's my cat:

My favorite things:

Enjoy my site. I will add to it every single day.